Start Times

We’re different from many readathons in that we start across the world AT THE SAME TIME! Find your time zone below to see when you start!

Here are the start times for each read-a-thon:

-12 (Midway Islands): 1am

-11 (Hawaii): 2am

-10 (Gambier Islands): 3am

-9 (Alaska): 4am

-8 (LA, Seattle, Vancouver): 5am

-7 (Denver, Edmonton): 6am

-6 (Chicago, Houston): 7am

-5 (New York, Toronto, Port of Spain): 8am

-4 (Asuncion, Santiago, Buenos Aires): 9am

-3 (São Paulo, Montevideo): 10am

-2 (Cape Verde): 11am

-1 (Azores, Reykjavik): 12pm

0 (London, Lisbon): 1pm

+1 (Madrid, Paris, Amsterdan, Berlin, Rome, Jerusalem): 2pm

+2 (Athens, Helsinki): 3pm

+3 (Moscow, Dubai, Georgia): 4pm

+4 (Armenia, Maldives, Samara): 5pm

+4:30 (Mumbai): 5:30pm

+5 (Pakistan, Yekaterinburg): 6pm

+6 (Bangkok, Java, Hanoi, Omsk): 7pm

+7 (Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumphur, Manila): 8pm

+8 (Tokyo): 9pm

+9 (Brisbane): 10pm

+10 (Sydney, Vladivostok): 11pm

+11 (Fiji): 12am

+12 (Auckland, Tonga):1am


These were hard to calculate, as different places in the same time zone do or do not have daylight saving times. So if you happen to spot any mistakes, please let us know!

ETA: To avoid confusion, I removed the “GMT”s. Due to daylight saving times, they can lead to misunderstandings. Hopefully the numbers and the locations used as examples will allow everyone to figure out what their starting time is, but if in doubt, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Also ETA: You can download this spreadsheet that has the start times and the corresponding hours.

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  1. I read whenever I get a spare moment, but at 67 running Bookmooch Journal site, a smallholding with lots of animal work and a little ‘cello teaching means I can never devote a straight 24 hours to reading! I do remember Dewey whenever I encounter one of her journals, and wish I had a contact address to thank the relative who sent back journals Dewey had at the time of her death, this year when he/she found an email from me!

    Also see
    for your times! I use it constantly when arranging contacts between shelf-holders & assistants in Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Australia, Israel, Germany and the U.K. It is invaluable!

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