October 2014 Prize Donations!

Well hello there guys and dolls, readers and cheerleaders, and LOVELIES! Prizes are hella fun, so it’s that time of year when we ask for PRIZE DONATIONS!


Why do we ask for donations?

We expect close to 800 participants, we try to give away prizes every hour, AND we want to make sure that there are more prizes than we need so that no one has to settle for something they don’t really want.

What should I donate?

You can donate whatever is within your means! Here are some ideas:

  • a gently-used book or bundle (say, a pack of 3 or 5 YA or mysteries or sci-fi or fantasy or whatever)
  • some ARCs you’re finished with
  • an individual book
  • a gift card
  • bookmarks
  • something you hand-make
  • a puppy! (maybe not)

Honoring international participants!

For additional ease, and to honor our bevy of international participants, this time around we want to put special emphasis on donations via BookDepository.com. For example, you might offer a book of the winner’s choice for $15 or less. This is a really easy option since you simply have the prize shipped to the winner via your BookDepository purchase! It’s low-stress and less work for you! We get a lot of prizes donated from publishers, but the US ones (the majority) are often unable to ship internationally.

You’re my angel!

If you can’t donate a prize, please consider being an angel — a US resident who will have a prize shipped to them and then ship the prize to the international winner. This can cost between $10 and $30. We typically have 20 international winners and four angels. Womp womp.

The last step!

All you need to do is fill out this form. I don’t know if we’ll have time to email to confirm your donation, but please know that if you fill out this form, your prize will be included!

Oct. 2014 Call for Cheerleaders!


That’s right. And don’t you forget it!

Hi guys! It’s me, Heather, your trusty Head Cheerleader, here again to remind you of just HOW AWESOME cheering for readers can be! Be you a reader, a bystander, or you just want to do some awesome cheering, WE NEED YOU. April was a blast. Cheerleading came together like never before. The only thing was, and always is, we need more cheerleaders! We had over EIGHT HUNDRED READERS in April. That’s right. 800. Readers. Even with the system working like never before, we were spread thin. So, even if you can cheer for 5 minutes, or the full 24 hours, your presence will be most gratefully accepted. Sign up below and I’ll be in contact soon! You’ll also find a little cheerleader FAQ below!

What does it mean to be a cheerleader for Dewey’s Read-a-thon?

It means having a great time while encouraging others by leaving a cheer or rhyme on their blog or through Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube.

You can read and cheer, in fact we encourage it!

Anyone can sign-up to be a cheerleader! There are some who solely devote their time to cheering but many readers enjoy cheering AND reading. Most readers will take an hour or two to go around and encourage other readers. While reading is the main focus of the read-a-thon it’s the interactions and connections you make that make the event so special.

How much time do I need to devote?

You can devote as much as 24 hours to as little as an hour. It’s whatever works best for your schedule! We certainly do not expect you to cheer for 24 hours, but wow, if you do, we would certainly all bow down to you.

How does this work?

There will be hundreds of readers to visit during the Read-A-Thon but don’t fret…you do not have to cheer for them all. Just a few days before the event you will be assigned a cheering squad based on the number of hours you said you could cheer. Each squad is then assigned a group of readers but you can of course cheer for those listed in the other squads!

Hip Hip Hooray!~ Now what you say?

Sign up below using the Google form to volunteer as a cheerleader. Instructions for how to proceed will arrive in your inbox closer to event time!


October 2014 READER Sign-Ups!

Fight Evil

Helloooooooooooooooo, everybody! Today is the day! Reader sign-ups are here, and we are so excited you’re joining us for the October 18, 2014 Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

There will be MUCH more coming up in the next few weeks. We’ll have cheerleader sign-ups, prize donations, videos, warm-up posts, and we’re even kicking off a Goodreads group! Stay tuned! You don’t want to miss a thing!

Check out the video below for more info about the Readathon, specifically about what you’re signing up for! Sorry I kept looking at my door. Was afraid someone was gonna bust into my office!

One of the best ways to stay in touch is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

Note: Sign up with the Linky below AND include your info in the spreadsheet if you’d like Readathon cheerleaders to visit your blog, Twitter or Tumblr! You must sign up with the spreadsheet by Wednesday, October 15 to be guaranteed cheerleading!

April 2014 Readathon Wrap Up!

The next readathon will be October 18, 2014! 

WOW! What a Readathon that was! It was so memorable in so many ways, from the records we set to the special guests who read along with us, to ALL OF YOU who participated and helped organize!

To celebrate, we’ve crafted a fun little infographic that highlights some of our Read-a-Thon stats! A few of them have changed just slightly since we collected them, but we’re pretty close!

And a few things we forgot to mention up top:

  • We’re up to 863 titles in the Books Read Database!
  • Hundreds of Instagram photos were uploaded!
  • We TRENDED on Twitter for all 24 hours!
  • We had over 200 prizes donated!
  • We had one very special celebrity author read! Thanks, Marissa Meyer!
  • We had LOTS of people jump in to read for charity!

Isn’t that amazing!!! We’re blown away every time we look at it!

If you’re interested in joining us for the October 2014 Read-a-Thon and you think you might like to volunteer in some capacity, please fill out the interest form below. You are not committed! But we’ll contact you when we get things rolling ’round about September.

Hour 24

First and foremost, I want to apologize to all of you for not participating as much as I normally do on twitter and in the comments section. About 45 minutes before beginning my shift as co-host, the internet at my house decided to malfunction and refuse to connect so I have been operating all of this on my iphone and ipad. I hope you had fun anyway!

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the final hour of the readathon. Are you excited it is almost over? Did you have fun? I had so much fun! This is my favorite event of the season and I am so excited that I get the opportunity to co-host these final hours for you all. We did it, you guys! It was a crazy ride and some of us may have slept through an hour or more, but in the end, it was worth it all!

In this last post, I want to thank you, the readers and participants. Without you signing up and reading, this event wouldn’t be possible. It has been an honor, spending the last couple of hours chatting with you and getting to know you all a little bit better. You are fantastic and I hope to see you in October!

Video of the Hour:

I think we all deserve to celebrate a little that we managed to do this! It doesn’t matter if you read the full 24 hours, or if you only read half an hour. If you cracked open a pick (or listened to an audiobook) then you are a participant and you deserve to be a champion!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSTivVclQQ0 Fact of the Hour:

Random Facts of the Hour about JK Rowling:

  • JK Rowling never specifically brought up religion in Harry Potter because she was afraid her Christian readers would be able to guess the ending
  • Rowling turned down a Michael Jackson-produced musical of Harry Potter
  • Quidditch was invented after a fight with Rowling’s boyfriend of the time.
  • Platform 9 3/4 is where J.K. Rowling’s parents met.

 End of Event Meme:

  1. Which hour was most daunting for you?
  2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?
  4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?
  5. How many books did you read?
  6. What were the names of the books you read?
  7. Which book did you enjoy most?
  8. Which did you enjoy least?
  9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?
  10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?


Mini Challenges

Closing Meme (here!)

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Ciska’s Book Chest

Tami @ Just One More Thing



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Hour 23

IMPORTANT QUICK MESSAGE: This is Kate and I wanted to let you all know that about 45 minutes before my co-hosting shift started, my internet decided to fail and so I am trying to do all of this from my phone and tablet. If anything doesn’t work or you need to contact me, leave a comment on one of these posts. It is the most sure-fire way to make sure that I see it and respond. Thanks and I apologize for this.

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the rest of the readathon! We are two hours away from the finish lines? Are any of you keep track of pages read? The most important thing to remember is that any reading completed is better than what you started the day having done. I hope that you all have enjoyed the social aspect of readathon. It is part of my favorite part.

I want to take a moment and thank all of the wonderful mini-challenge hosts and all of those who donated prizes or are postage angels or did anything behind the scenes that made this even as fun as it is. It isn’t hard to sit down and decide to read for 24 hours. But it is all of the social aspects of this event that make it amazing! So thank you for all you have done!

Also, thank you to all of the cheerleaders! You guys make this event great! I know when I am starting to feel down on my reading and how much I have accomplished, I feel so much better when I receive the message from a cheerleader!

Video of the Hour:

Have you ever watched the “Kids React” videos? I love them. Those kids are so adorable. And they are so real in their opinions. Here they are, reacting to a song from the movie Frozen, sung in 25 different languages.

Random Facts of the Hour about Charles Dickens:

  • Dickens’ father was imprisoned for debt and 12-year-old Charles was sent to work in a factory to help support the family.
  • In 1846 Dickens co-founded Urania Cottage, a home for the redemption of “fallen” women where accepted candidates could learn skills, often domestic, and re-integrate into society.
  •  He was an obsessive compulsive, reportedly always re-arranging his hotel furniture and having to sleep with his head pointing north.
  • Dickens gave every one of his ten children nicknames like “Skittles” and “Plorn.”

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Hour 22

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the rest of the readathon! Are you excited??? I know I am! I want to start of with a brief explanation of how I will be setting up these posts for the FINAL THREE HOURS!!!! Every hours, I am going to post a video, and random facts about a popular author. I think it adds a little bit of fun for these final few hours.

Let me introduce myself to you really quick. I love German Soccer (specifically Bayern Munich) with a passion and will often force myself out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday morning to watch their games (I am not a morning person so this is extremely difficult). It is the summer of the World Cup, which I am super excited about.  I am a cross stitching addict and currently have over 50 patterns started. I am also a cheese addict. I love cheese. During readathons, I allow myself to splurge and buy some of the more expensive cheeses as a treat. Lately I have been going through a bit of a book slump and I have only read seven books prior to the start of the readathon this year. I am hoping that this readathon will turn that around.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, I would love to know a little more about you! So please leave a comment and tell me some of your quirks and what makes you unique.

A big shout out to our cheerleaders!!! You guys have been fantastic! Next time we should have cheerleaders for our cheerleaders! But in all seriousness, thanks so much for cheering all of us readers on and cohosts on. You give us the strength to push past the weariness and keep reading! Goodness knows how much a “new comment” notice brightens up a persons day.

Video of the Hour:

Have you read any of these books that John Green lists? If so, which do you recommend?

Random Facts of the Hour about Jane Austen:

  • Jane Austen came from a large family. – She was born the second to the last of eight children. Her siblings were George, James, Edward, Henry, Cassandra, Frank and Charles.
  • Jane Austen loved balls and parties. – In Jane’s letters to friends and family members she describes the many parties and balls she attended and how she would dance all night.
  • Jane Austen’s sister was her best friend. – Jane’s older sister Cassandra Elizabeth Austen was her closest friend, they did everything together and when they were apart they always wrote long letters to each other. Cassandra nursed her sister in her sickness and was heartbroken by her death. Cassandra lived to age 72 and never married. 

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Hour 21 – Before You Go, Go!

This morning I FLEW out of bed and realised that I had slept for 4 entire hours more than planned as my alarm went off but somehow I mechanically turned it off (My body knows when it is a day off work!). So hear I am dreary eyed, coffee mug in hand thanking the almighty that I had already scheduled the previous post!

As we step in to Hour 21 I want to CONGRATULATE all of you lovely readers, cheerleaders and anyone else involved. We have almost done it and Dewey would be so proud. There are so many that are reading for charity and that also deserves a massive round of applause.

So now I have your full attention – how are you all getting on? Pages read? Books read? Cups of coffee? High five to all of that!

Another little tune that always wakes me up in the morning and gets my vibe going. If you don’t already know Busta Rhymes & Q. Tip you will after this!

Thank you for taking part in this amazing read-a-thon up until now and don’t fade out KEEP GOING :D

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The Gilmore Guide to Books

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Hour 20 – Madness!

I can’t really explain this video but it is on many of my reading playlists and helps me along – the video is a bit odd! 

OMG, It is back! Okay so now I got my little cheery wave of happiness out of the way. Welcome back from me and how great is this read-a-thon right! I feel so lucky to be able to have the chance to co-host again. This read-a-thon has played a big part on my blog for a couple of years now and as with everyone else gives me the chance to focus and clear the dust off from some of the books that I have been wanting to read for so long but never really found the right time to do so.

I know it is nearly the end of the road but you have done so well to get this far and there really is no point in giving up now so join me as I do five things to stay awake and keep me focused.


If coffee is not your choice of beverage hot or cold then tuck into your favourite and make it special. For me it is will be a homemade (Tassimo!) Latte Macchiato with extra thick whipped cream and chocolate dusting.


Prior to the read-a-thon I made several playlists titles of which are – active, chilled, concentration, Old Skool. Now everybody loves a bit of the old skool so why not incorporate it into something that can help you concentrate and go that extra mile. My current favourite album is the Bastille album as there are a range of songs on there that have a bit of pretty much everything but the old skool and it just makes me giggle listening to it.


Before the read-a-thon began I made myself a timetable for reading and other such activities that would keep me awake for the 24 hour stint ahead. On a regular day off this is how I get things done so why not use a normal routine to help get through this particular day of greatness.


Much like caffeine, snacking is just as important. If your energy levels begin to dwindle so does concentration and hunger for reading turns into hunger for food. By stopping tracks before they are even made add a few treats to your shopping list and indulge. One of the things on my must have treats list is Pistachio cookies – they are just YUM! In the spirit of DIY once again I found a couple of recipes and ran a little wild with them.


Don’t forget your fellow read-a-thoners – there are more than 700 this year and we should all be supporting each other whether it be a hey hello or just a like or comment on a couple of posts. As this read-a-thon is international obviously a lot of conversations will be happening at different times. Being in London my time is GMT 0 where are you?

Mini Challenges

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Teri @ It’s What’s for Dinner

Kelly @ Read Lately

Chris @ Stuff As Dreams Are Made On


Kelsie @ Read Bookworm Read

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Hour 19 – YOU ROCK (and Roll)

We’ve reached the Hour 19, mark, which makes me, Rebecca @ Love at First Book and me, Andi @ Estella’s Revenge, want to tell you 5 reasons why you rock!

5. You’re a reading machine!  If you’ve been reading for 19 whole hours or only 3, you’re doing great!  Keep it up!

4.  You’re blowing up Twitter.  Can we say #readathon trending???

3.  You’re CHEERING EACH OTHER! I haven’t seen spirit like this since my high school cheer camp!

2.  You’re killin’ the mini-challenges. What a group of multi-taskers!

1.  You’re making us proud! You are an incredible bunch of readers who comprise a community we’re REALLY proud of!


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