Hour 3

I hope everyone’s having fun! I know we (the organizers) are. ;-)

Our next mini-challenge for you is a map challenge called Where in the World is the Read-a-thon?. Go over to Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? and pinpoint yourself on a map so later we can see where in the world all of our readers are. :)

This hour we also have some readers of the hour for you to visit. At each blog, we’ll randomly select one commenter who will win two books of their choice from the Prizes page. Here’s your readers to visit:

We’re also going to ask who here has participated in the read-a-thon for two or more times? Leave a comment and we’ll randomly select one person to receive a “grab bag” of 3 (new) surprise 2010 ARCs from Aaron’s Books. We’ll leave this open for three hours and announce the winner in Hour 7.

Still happening:

Intro meme

59 thoughts on “Hour 3”

  1. This is my third? fourth? readathon. I missed one. I made it all the way through the second time. The next readathon I had to go to a librarian conference for a lot of the time and I missed hours. Then in the spring I got flooded in at a bridal shower and almost missed the whole thing. And now I am here, reading away! So I guess it is my fourth!

  2. Hey guys (or gals :p) I believe that this is my 4th (?) readathon! It’s definitely more than 2!! And I’ve commented on all of the reader of the hour blogs! Having a blast :D

  3. I joined since October 2008 until present as a reader.

    Just hopped in as a cheerleader, too and I think I am not doing well.
    Seems like I’m the one to be cheerleaded. Just too many things in my head.

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